A little about my cycling history

I started cycling in 1988 and my first bike was a BMX. I used bmx to mob my local trails on. A few years later, I purchased my first MTB bicycle. It was my first bike with more then one gear. After long time of research and questions, I bought chromoly frame. I started to ride on narrow, rocky hill.
At the age of 8, I made the breakthrough and purchased my first road bicycle. I started to learn climbing technique, descending skills and road etiquette. The power transfer and efficienncy of a road bike were right for me. Later I started to ride a fixed-gear bike in parallel with a road bike. A fixed gear bike in the right hands is quick and responsive. Recently all of my road riding is on my fixed gear bike. The terrain in the Czech republic is relatively flat. I can often be seen on the Central Bohemian roads of an evening, doing some base mileage riding.